Pest Control Services in Bracebridge

If there is a wild animal causing potential harm to your home, it is the best idea to call Proven Wildlife Removal Inc to keep yourself protected. We have been doing pest removal services for many years, and with that we have gained a lot of knowledge about the habits, habitat, and breeding cycles of these animals. We humanely remove the animal from the premises, and also prevent any more intrusions that could potentially happen. Our pest control methods include safely relocating the animals to a new den or nest that they can live in.

Raccoon Removal in Bracebridge

At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we know how much raccoons can be a nuisance to your home or business. Destroying your garbage, and carrying diseases that could be harmful to anyone who gets in contact with it. A raccoon can be quite dangerous if not handled correctly.

If you are wanting to remove a raccoon from your home, it is always the best solution to call a professional. Part of our professional raccoon removal techniques is to avoid any direct contact with the raccoon and we can properly remove it off the premises.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels have always been known for causing trouble around our home. More often than not, they like to chew their way into roof vents, and insulation to setup a safe nesting spot in rooms such as attics. Our technicians can easily perform a squirrel removal on any type of squirrel including red, gray, and flying. All of them will have a similar solution. We will keep track of all the damages caused by the squirrel and we can help humanely remove the squirrel from your home.

Skunk Control in Bracebridge

The skunk can be a very tricky animal to track down around the house. They are very smart at hiding and could spray at any moment in time. We can help humanely remove the skunk from your home as we can easily identify common hiding spots and prevent it from entering any future spots that it can easily hide in. It is certainly the best idea to not get into direct contact with a skunk, however we treat our humane skunk removal services the same way as we would for any other animal.

Bird Removal Services

In the spring or early summer, birds can easily burrow into hard to reach parts of the home to create a cozy nest. This may include soffits, exhaust fan vents, and dormers that they can easily fit into. We can easily identify these hiding spots and perform a humane bird removal service that can provide a much safer spot for the birds to develop their nest.

Bat Removal in Bracebridge

At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we have the perfect solution for the humane removal of a bat colony from your home. Around midway through summer, the bat colony would usually spawn offspring when the insects are found in large amounts. Our bat removal services are the only legal way to safely solve this problem as it is critical to find the right time to remove the colony.

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