Pest Control Services in Midland

There may be unwanted wild animals that could potentially be hiding around or inside your home. We have seen many situations like this and gained an understanding of every animal's habits, habitats, and breeding cycles in order to find ways to properly remove these animals from your home. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we can humanely remove any wild animal from your home and make sure that they donít enter in the same way again. We can guarantee that we will take the animal out safely and provide them with a new den or nest that they can be relocated to.

Raccoon Removal in Midland

Raccoons are one of the most common pests that can cause havoc to your home or business. Whether they would be eating the garbage thatís supposed to be out for garbage day or building a nest underneath your deck, they can be quite the problem if not taken care of immediately.

Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can be called upon to easily remove the raccoon out of your home without having to be in direct contact with it, and make sure the raccoon removal is done properly.

Squirrel Removal Service

Another common animal that can cause problems is the squirrel. Often chewing their way into roofs to create an easy nest that can cause damage to your home. No matter the type of squirrel, Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can provide a squirrel removal that can keep them out of your roof and easily provide a new nest that they can live in away from any housing areas. We can also identify the points that they may have entered from and see how much damage that they may cause in rooms such as attics.

Skunk Control in Midland

Skunks can be very tricky to remove from your home; especially when they are scared or agitated. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., our skunk removal services can easily solve your skunk problem by identifying areas that skunks could hide in and humanely remove them from the area without having direct contact with the animal. We would be treating the humane eviction of the skunk as we would with any other animal and we guarantee that we will not harm the animal during the process.

Bird Removal Services

Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can help provide people with a humane bird removal service that can remove birds and their nests from hard to reach parts of the home including dormers, soffits and exhaust fan vents. We can safely relocate the birds and their nest to a new location as birds tend to reuse their nesting area.

Bat Removal in Midland

Bats can easily make colonies inside your cottage, home or business as they prepare for the mating season during the summer when bugs become more common. However, we can provide a legal way to safely solve the issue with our bat removal services. We know that our process for a bat removal needs to be very detail oriented as the timeline is critical for the removal process.

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