Pest Control Services in Oakville

Homes in Oakville are mainly ravaged by one common threat; animals that are able to crawl through your home. The main reason being that these pests such as raccoons, squirrels, rats and mice are looking for a new nest or finding a place to store food. We know inside our own homes can be dangerous with electrical wires and glass within the insulation. Proven Wildlife Removal can provide a humane pest removal service that is harmless to the animal and provides an alternative nest that they can store food in.

Raccoon Removals in Oakville

Raccoons are often considered the robbers of the animal world. The main reasons are their black rings around their eyes often seen as a mask, and they tend to ravage for food at night. The common place they find their food or shelter is potentially your home. We can easily make sure that the raccoons can find their food in a much safer place than your home. Call us to get humane raccoon removal services prepared for your home today.

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels are animals that are always around throughout the entire year storing acorns in many different places. The most common place they store the acorns is within the walls of your home. Chewing through wires and insulation to get the perfect hiding spot that could also act as a nest. We know it can be a challenge to remove squirrels from your home especially when they are inside your own walls. But, Proven Wildlife Removal can humanely take the squirrel out of your home and into a proper nest relocated in itís proper habitat. Our squirrel removal services can help you put your mind at ease when it comes to squirrels in your home.

Rat Control and Mice Removal Services in Oakville

The most common animal that unknowingly sneak around your home are rats and mice. Often finding ways to enter your home through the garage or eavesdrops, and could potentially be harmful to your home. At Proven Wildlife Removal, our mice removal and rat control services can humanely relocate these mice and rats from your home to somewhere in their natural habitat. If you are having pest problems in Oakville, try one of our pest removal services today.

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