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Can I keep one of the animals as a pet?

In almost all cases: NO! Wild animals are not easily converted to pets, no matter the species. Youíre liable to end up with damage to yourself and your property. Most invasive mammals carry parasites and other dangerous forms of infection.

Furthermore, there are typically bylaws against keeping certain animals, like raccoons, as pets

Do we provide the same services as the SPCA or Humane Society?

We are quite different from the humane society and the SPCA but we do at times partner with them in situations where we need each otherís mutual help in saving and/or preserving the safety of wildlife and even domestic animals. For the most part, the SPCA and the humane society deal with domestic animals or injured and sick animals that need desperate care.

Do you provide pest extermination services?

Our removal services are 100% humane and therefore we donít provide extermination. Also extermination is known to not actually solve wildlife and pest issues and generally doesnít stop wildlife from returning.

How do I keep raccoons away?

There are many things you can do to prevent raccoon incursion. Keeping your garbage cans securely and tightly fastened will make them less likely to linger and thus settle in your vicinity.

Taking care to properly insulate your home will keep enticing smells and warmth away from the animals. Maintaining the exterior of your home for tight seals and solid surfaces creates a physical barrier that logically is necessary.

One fun and fairly effective way is by keeping dogs or outdoor cats as pets. Fortunately, this tends to have added benefits that will enhance your life beyond just keeping raccoons away!

How soon can I get rid of these animals?

Often within a couple hours!

If you donít exterminate, how do you keep wildlife and pests out?

We perform an effective four-part eviction process, which ensures wildlife and pests donít get into homes a second time. Our entire process can be viewed in Our Process.

Is it safe to try to get rid of raccoons myself?

Absolutely not! Raccoons carry rabies, histoplasmosis, and other infections parasites, and are prone to attack when cornered. Call a professional.

What are the signs I have wild animals in my attic?

There are various signs that wildlife is living in your attic, from hearing loud noises to seeing droppings. You can read our top signs wildlife are in your home or attic here for more information.

What do you do with the babies?

The raccoon babies are extracted from the attic by hand (sometimes dealing with an angry momma). Then they are placed in a heated baby box on the roof near the entry point in the home.

Momma raccoon will exit the attic via our one-way door and be reunited with her kits. She can then relocate them safely one by one.

When is the raccoon mating season?

The raccoon mating season usually starts around mid-winter with babies being born around late April into May.

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